CSC Centro Servizi Impresa believes that training is the main lever for the competitive development of companies and for the construction and improvement of the recipients of competencies.

The creation of the educational proposals of the csc moves from a careful analysis of the training needs, both present and future, of the businesses, to the offer of courses, workshop based and funded, characterised by an operational, dynamic and flexible approach, in line with expectations and the service users needs.


CSC Centro Servizi Impresa offers:

  • Support in the analysis of basic needs and in the explanation of the training program,
  • research and selection of the most appropriate teaching,
  • possibility of access to training courses, workshop or financed, in the surrounding areas,
  • general linguistics and activities/specific roles,
  • accounting, finance and management control systems and models,
  • safety, quality and environment,
  • technology – production,
  • information technology workshops,
  • communication and human resources,

  • marketing and sales,

  • Web and social networking at the service of marketing and sales,
  • organizational and process innovation,
  • courses and customized training solutions, designed exclusively for the individual firm.


CSC Centro Servizi Impresa is certified according to the UNI EN 9001: 2008 and is accredited by the Lombardy Regional Authority for the provision of continuous and permanent training within the Regional Register of Operators accredited for professional education and training services.

CSC Centro Servizi Impresa offers companies its expertise to:

  • carry out incoming by foreign operators in the textile-hosiery district and other sectors,
  • assist in the preparation and presentation of development projects and funding related to European, national and regional tenders,
  • conducting research and market surveys,
  • implement exploration and trade missions in countries most relevant to operators,
  • build, participate and support networks among agencies, local institutions and companies.